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Kenuohua Matthews produce a wide range of ink including the generally-used Mek-Based black ink, high adhesive ink, ink which can stand high-temperature or freezing treatment and so on for CIJ and DOD ink jet printers. Kenuohua Matthews ink has the specifications of fast-dry, high-adhesive, stable, which make it mark well on all kinds of material like paper, plastic, metal, glass and so on.

Model Description Specification Base
J-3180 CIJ black ink 500ml/bottle Mek
J-3180HA CIJ black ink   500ml/bottle Mek
S-360A CIJ make up 500ml/bottle Mek
W300 CIJ cleaner 500ml/bottle Mek
M300 DOD ink 1L/bottle Mek
M300C DOD make up 1L/bottle Mek

Spare Parts:

Detecting products needed to be marked on the production line
Ensure a stable marking when the production line speed is not consistent

The meter counter

Mostly used for cables needed to be marked for every set distance like 1meter


Automatic alarming or indicating for faulty of the inkjet printer

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